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How to become a sworn translator or a sworn interpreter in Belgium?

I do not have a VAT number in Belgium. What do you recommend I should do?

I live in another country and I wish to work as free translator interpreter in Belgium. Is it possible?

How to register to the translators’ and interpreters’ directory?

How much does it cost to register?

Can clients contact me directly after I have registered?

After my registration, do I need to pay anything else to your agency?

How long does it take to have my pages online on these directories?

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Does the sworn translator need my original document to make a sworn and legalized translation in Belgium?

Do I have to go to court personally for the legalization of my sworn translation?

Is it possible to receive the sworn and legalized translation by standard post?

Belgian and foreign official documents for use in Belgium or abroad

Countries having signed the Hague Apostille Convention

How to find a translator for a specialized translation in a certain field of expertise?

In what fields of expertise do they provide specialized translations?

How to ensure I receive a high quality translation in a certain field of expertise?

How to ensure the confidentiality of the documents that I send to the translator for a specialized translation?

What should I do if I do not find answers to my questions here?

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Terms and Conditions of the agency

1 General information

1.1 The website is the property of the agency est, duly represented by Cornelia RADU, MSc ME. The agency works in collaboration with non-profit organization (ASBL) Productions Associées, having its head office in 1060 Bruxelles, Belgium, VAT: BE 0896.755.397.

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1.4 is supporting the Belgian sworn translators and the translators-interpreters working (or wishing to work) in Belgium. The translators’ directories we put online,,,, and, are meant to facilitate direct contacts between sworn translators and interpreters and people searching such specialists in Belgium.

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2 Advice on how to use this website

2.1 No matter if you are a sworn translator or a client after a sworn translator, always be honest and precise in your presentation. Give a short detailed description of your offer and demand and be attentive to your interlocutor.

2.2 As a translator, always take pride in delivering quality work and respect your deadlines. As a client, proceed to payment on time.  

2.3 No matter if you are a sworn translator or a client, always take special care to inform your interlocutor about any problem in the advancement of your collaboration.  

2.4 Take all necessary safety measures within your collaboration, in real life and on Internet. Do ask for any information you judge to be relevant so as to assess your interlocutor’s credibility.

2.5 We are not implied in any way in the discussions, collaborations or contracts between translators and clients. Consequently, we cannot be held responsible for any complaints, direct or indirect requests for a refund, which may arise between users of this website.

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